Support Solutions Group provides a vast array of administrative specialists.  Our clerical support workers, also known as secretaries, administrative assistants, assistant and executive assistants provide a range of duties to support the administrative sector of your organization.  We provide direct support to one or all employees within your firm.  Administrative responsibilities range from typing a general letter to managing all of your clerical needs.  Administrative personnel assist with the job duties such as scheduling meetings, appointments, organizing and maintaining paperwork along with the electronic copies of the same, conducting research and circulating information using telephone, e-mail, letters and websites and taking care of the travel arrangements and guest accommodations.

Our entire administrative team are highly skilled to efficiently handle and use state of the art computers, iPads, iPhones, android phones, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, videoconferencing, telephone system, office software, etc. Our administrative professionals are well versed with word files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, reports, documents, publishing software and digital graphics.

Support Solutions Group Administrators have excellent communication and negotiation skills, when speaking to and handling clients, vendors, and other employees.

All of our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in the following:  Read More>>